Accessibility Statement

The Internet arena is a platform for expression and self-representation. It serves us as a social and political arena. We buy and sell, work, and are exposed through it these days more than before. Therefore, there is a commitment to enable the public a browsing experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. Guideline group invests considerable resources to make this site accessible to enable the browsing experience for the entire population and people with disabilities in particular.

Please note that the scope of this privacy policy is limited only to information collected by us through your use of our website services (whether such use is through any computer used to access the services, including without limitation, a desktop computer, a laptop computer, a mobile phone or any other electronic device).

Guideline group invests considerable resources to make this site accessible to enable the browsing experience for the entire population and people with disabilities in particular. The motto that leads us is human dignity and freedom, as this is a cornerstone of Israeli society because we all have equal rights and are equal in essence.

We work to update and implement the accessibility rules as much as possible, in accordance with the principles of the accessibility standard. The site is adapted to the accessibility requirements for level 2 (AA) of the W.C.A.G. 2 standard. The accessibility of the site is adapted to the leading browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Opera22222

How does it work?

The technology relies on the use of Aria rules. and interfaces with various components on the site. An accessibility menu is posted on the website. To open the menu you can click on the icon located at the bottom of the site. To close the menu, you can press the X button at the top of the accessibility window that opens, or the ESC key on the keyboard. When you enter the menu for the first time, you can choose the interface language, which supports multiple languages, and the display size you require. At any stage, you can change your settings in the settings button located at the top of the menu.

Main Menu

Text size: Allows you to select and change the size of the text that appears on the site, using a magnifying glass that provides local, point-by-point magnification under the control of the browser and/or through automatic enlargement and reduction of the text on the entire site, with the click of a button.

Colors: Allows you to choose and change the colors of the site and create a personal adjustment from a set of colors, by changing the background colors of the site, the titles on the site or the text on the site, or alternatively, changing the contrast of the entire site, with the click of a button.
How to customize: After choosing the color of the background, titles or text, the effect will automatically be activated. To reset the accessibility settings, you can click the "Cancel accessibility" button.
Mouse accessibility: Allows changing the color of the mouse cursor to black or white.
Underline link highlighting: Enables locating links on the site not only by using the color of the link, but also by highlighting the link with an underline
Change the font to be more readable: The ARIEL font is determined to be the most readable font with accordance to the accessibility regulations. The font conversion button allows the site owner to maintain design freedom in choosing the fonts on the site while giving the disabled person the choice to change the font to ARIEL throughout the site with the click of a button.
Reset all adjustments: Returns the site to the default settings, this can be done by clicking the "Remove accessibility" button.
Accessibility statement: A link to this statement appears at the bottom of the page under the name "Accessibility Statement".
Optimization Tips: In order to improve and optimize the accessibility of our websites, it is possible to send an e-mail message to the address [email protected] with the content of a message detailing your request.
Existing problems: There are no known problems at the moment, if you know of any problem, please send us an email to the address - [email protected]
Did you encounter a problem?
There is no public reception in the company's offices. To schedule an accessible appointment, please call: 03-6870035. We try to keep and maintain the site at the best level. If you found and/or encountered difficulties browsing the site and the subject of accessibility in particular, do not hesitate to report using the contact form. In order for us to handle the problem in the best way, please include as many details as possible:
  • Problem Description.
  • What is the action you were trying to perform?
  • What page did you browse?
  • Browser type and version.
  • Operating system and its version.
  • The type of assistive technology (if used).

We will handle the problem and get back to you as soon as possible with details on how to handle it.
Improvement suggestions

We would like to hear from you on how the site can improve. Send us your suggestions and we will carefully consider them. The e-mail address for sending suggestions: [email protected]

For the avoidance of doubt:

We are committed to making our sites accessible to all people, able-bodied and disabled. On this site, you can find the technology that suits your needs. This site is a site usable by the entire population for the most part and with maximum effort. You may find elements that are not accessible because they have not yet been accessed or no suitable technology has been found, and we guarantee that every effort is made to improve and make it accessible at a high level and without compromise. We apologize if you encountered difficulty browsing the site and viewing any content, and would like you to draw our attention to it.

The accessibility statement is valid as of: 25/8/22

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