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Hello, my name is Ronen Binder - VP of business information at Guideline Group Technologies Ltd. and manager of the country's largest business website CheckID.

Guideline Group Technologies Ltd. is the leading group in Israel in technological solutions, professional tools, information and data-based business insights in the areas of the capital market, law, finance, taxation, labor, pension and welfare.

CheckID website provides detailed, professional, quality and reliable information about all companies, real estate, businessmen and means of transportation in the State of Israel.

The published information on the CheckID website is obtained from various public information sources and aggregates them into neat and organized information pages and reports.

The site offers additional business information reports for a fee so that you can make the best business decisions for you and your business.

Company Report from the Register of Companies of the Ministry of Justice

A company memorandum is an official document from the company registry at the Ministry of Justice that includes detailed information about the company including address, shareholders, distribution of capital, directors, liens and more.

Business information report on a company

A business information report including a summary of business data, the company's shareholders, the members of the board of directors (directors), unusual events, monitoring of events and alerts, legal proceedings, business intelligence on related companies, ownership and management, alerts from recent years, bank account restrictions, a list of active and inactive liens , references to cases in the tax authorities.The report is anonymous and without the knowledge of the company under review.

Personal information report

Personal information report including information from the tax authority (licensed traders, exempt traders), ownership relationships in companies including membership in the board of directors (checking directors), references in judgments from the legal system in Israel, checking account restrictions in the Bank of Israel, references to cases in the tax authorities, information from the enforcement and collection authority (expenditure to the executor) on limited debtors, a list of pledged assets in the present and the past. The report is anonymous and without the subject's knowledge.

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The information on the site is obtained from various visible sources of information and consolidates them into an organized report. There may be errors related to the collection or association of the information, including with regard to legal matters. Therefore, all responsibility with the examination of the information stated in the report lies solely upon the person ordering the report, and he exempts CheckID and TRENDLINE from any responsibility regarding the veracity of the data. For corrections and questions, please contact us at[email protected]